Wesley’s Wish has been created to help a young boy learn to
walk independently and achieve his full potential.


Wesley’s Story


Wes was born on the 21st September 2011, turning up 9 weeks before he was due.  Fighting through weeks of intensive care, he beat all expectations by quickly learning to breathe and feed without medical assistance.

Just as Wes was looking forward to finally coming home, a routine scan picked up signs of bleeding inside his head.  A frantic series of follow-up ultrasound and MRI examinations established that this bleeding was real and serious, and had caused part of his brain to permanently stop working.

The section of Wesley’s brain that is damaged deals with motor control – making it harder for him to move his hands, feet and legs normally.  As a result, he suffers from cerebral palsy – meaning he cannot currently sit, crawl or stand.

Without a really special effort, it is unlikely he will ever be able to walk on his own.


Wesley’s Wish to Walk

New Standing Frame

Thanks to advances in medical science, there is hope for Wes.

Over the last decade a series of operations and treatments have been developed to help children in Wes’ condition achieve full mobility.  Pioneered at specialist hospitals and centres around the world, there are now thousands of  families who have transformed their lives as a result of these procedures.   Children who would traditionally have been confined to a wheelchair are now standing, taking steps and walking independently.

The most important treatment for many children in Wes’ situation is an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), which involves neurosurgery to reduce the muscle stiffness that prevents cerebral palsy sufferers from walking.     Combined with SDR, a long-term course of pre- and post- physiotherapy and specialist support is needed.  (You can read more about how SDR works here.)

As a result of these treatments, it is now possible for children with Wesley’s condition to achieve full mobility and independence.  Funding this kind of treatment is the reason Wesley’s Wish has been set up.


Fundraising Goals:

The goal of Wesley’s Wish is to raise £50,000 to cover the SDR operation and associated costs, then a further £45,000 to support with 3 years of specialist intensive physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and equipment.  By doing this, the ultimate aim is to allow Wes to be able to move independently and play normally before joining school.

Whilst we’re now over a year into this journey, there are still a number of unknowns.  There is a chance Wes might not be accepted for the SDR operation for medical reasons.  If this turns out to be the case, all monies raised would be used to support any medically recommended alternative therapies.  Anything Wes ultimately doesn’t need will be passed directly to other children in similar circumstances.

Some of the things Wes is likely to benefit from:

  • The SDR operation itself and in-patient physiotherapy / follow-up treatments.  This is most likely to be in St Louis in the USA.
  • Advanced courses of physiotherapy via a specialist centre (e.g. Footsteps in Oxford, The Bobath Centre, MP Physiotherapy)
  • Weekly in-home specialist physiotherapy and support
  • Frequent hydrotherapy – twice weekly or more
  • Osteopathy
  • Specialist equipment – including a Kaye walker, adapted trike and treadmill

Every £1 donated will make a real difference to meeting these goals.  If you can help out, either by volunteering or making a donation, please click on the ‘Help Wes‘ page or get in touch.

Thanks a million,

wes sig


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